A unique and empowering women’s circle helping you connect to the "Light Within".

A spiritual meeting between souls to learn to connect or re-connect to Source and awaken and shine your true inner light. By learning to re-connect to the "Light Within" you will feel at peace, find strength, joy, a knowing that all will be well, a re-connection to who you truly are through your heart centre to the Divine Inner Light Within You/ Source/God Light/Christ Light.

You will learn how to tap into your own personal spiritual network that know you so well, love you and are waiting to assist you on your personal spiritual journey here on this beautiful earth we share on your own unique destiny path.

You are not alone.

Please view our WEBSITE which will share details of monthly meetings and other events that may be of interest to you.

We each are born with the skills we need to walk our true destiny path and have a spiritual team who know us so well that are just waiting to be asked to support and guide us on our journey on Earth. All we have to do is awaken the light within and make the true connection.

Our monthly meeting will held in a sacred space embraced in higher divine light.

£15 per month