This unique course will teach you how to care for and enhance your spiritual health and wellbeing with a new set of skills for your toolbox to safely embark on your spiritual journey and manage your life.

Taught by Jen of Angelic Auras. She is the facilitator of The Light Within Women's Circle, an advanced level Energy Field Healer, (15 years) Meditation teacher and offers Spiritual Guidance and other healing therapies. Jen is from an ancestral line of natural healers and psychic's.

You will learn the essential basics of:

Part 1 *Psychic attack & how to recognise it *Energy Protection/Angelic protection *Energy clearing *Colour Therapy/Breathing *Grounding

Part 2 *Using Crystals *Using a pendulum *Angel Card Readings *Working with Angels

With practical sessions on the day to help you feel and connect.

We will end the day with a peaceful relaxing meditation.

You will need to bring with you a crystal pendulum either rose quartz or clear quartz whichever you resonate with more. You may bring your own deck of angel cards (not tarot cards).

Our Earth is calling us to re-connect to nature and tap into our own divine inner light to rise up and be who we truly are.

A lifetime investment for only £65

Please reserve your space by emailing for more information and details on how to enrol.