Why do people think you are a religious freak when you mention God (Heavenly Father)

🦋This is a question I ask myself a lot and I now know some of the reasoning behind it which I would like to share with you.

🦋Firstly God has nothing to do with any religion, any church, or any establishment that is all man made.

🦋God has been used in many religions to start wars, create wars and enable division between different races around the world for the usual ego related issues of money and power which has caused hate towards his name and still happens to this day.

🦋People have heart wounds because of the hate they feel towards his name, not because God has caused it but the people who use his name to create this hate.

🦋God get's the blame for poverty, starvation, climate crisis, paedophilia, hate crimes etc you get the picture.

🦋I've heard people say "why didn't God stop this from happening" Why does God let the children starve" Why doesn.t God step in and stop the evil plaguing the world" "I don't believe in God he does nothing for me"

🦋The truth is the heads of the church & the governments are responsible for causing & trying to cause a mass disconnection and separation from God. You can see this in everyday life, the elite and evil corrupters are ruling the earth our beautiful home, the balance has been tipped and the light needs you to understand and free yourself and your mind.

🦋They are currently in the process of causing a mass separation from who we truly are NOW. The lock down is causing mass suffering, it is separating the family unit, they are telling you not to hug your children or family members, it's causing suicides, it's mentally crippling people, children are not gaining the wisdoms offered by their Grandparents, men are women and women are men, some elderly have not left their homes since the beginning in March 2020, I know this for a fact as I work for the NHS. The lock down is NOT working it's doing the complete opposite surely you must realise this by now?

🦋Are not the church (especially catholic) the richest in the world and the governments around the world too if they choose to do so can end all this unnecessary hate & abuse upon the suffering people & animals around the world.

🦋Why don't you blame them for the evil, the poverty, starvation, the human trafficking, the stealing of babies and children for sex, the animal abuse, global pandemics and climate crisis after all it is because of them that the world is the way it is.

🦋Everything is energy & all life is connected!

🦋If you really want to know who God is then look inside yourself for the answers, you do not need a man in cloth or a building made of stone to seek him out.

🦋Jesus's words from the Gospel of St Thomas

"Split a piece of wood, and I am there. Lift up the stone, and you will find me there.”

"The kingdom of God is inside of you and all around you. It is at last not found in “mansions made of wood and stone” – (churches).

🦋God, creation, spirit is of a higher dimension of consciousness which exists in everything and is everywhere.

🦋We are beings of LOVE, we are made of LOVE, we cannot survive without LOVE. God is LOVE, he is us and we are him. Connect to the light within your heart centre and re-establish a relationship with who you truly are and the support available to you. This will empower you beyond imagination. Miracles will occur in your life, the Angels of the Heavenly Father of the highest light will help you, support you, save you, love you, embrace you in their divine light. Their love feels soft, warm and safe and you know deep inside all will be well because you have this support to call upon like nothing of this world.

🦋You may laugh and mock and say whatever to my statements above, but I can guarantee you that if you want to feel whole in this life then you must go within and seek him out (the light) You are loved beyond any love you can feel in this world. I tell you the truth because I have experienced this love, this light, this support I have been held it it's embrace, my heart has been filled with joy, love and a sense of knowing that whatever happens all will be well.

🦋I have come to realise that there is no need to attend a church or spiritual retreat, I find spending time alone in meditation is all I need to find and feel the peace that God offers to us all. No middle man needed blocking the connection.

🦋I believe we have been tricked, controlled and brainwashed for hundreds of years. It's time to find out how powerful you are and tap into the truth, the potential and light and be who you are supposed to be on this Earth and not who you are told to be by the corrupt heads of churches and governments who do not care about you, your wellbeing or health.

🦋Wake Up and Light Up ~ the people, the animals and the Earth need you before it's too late.

🦋You will receive the protection and support you need. JUST ASK!..

Luke 4:10

”For it is written, ‘He will command His angels concerning you to guard you carefully.’”

Psalm 91:11

”For He will give His angels charge concerning you, to guard you in all your ways.“.

Exodus 23:20

“See, I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared.”

🦋An Angel of the highest divine light will often leave you a sign. Look out for the feathers when you ask for help.

Love and light

Jen ~ Angelic Auras