Working With The New Moon And The Full Moon Energies.

As the moon goes through it’s cycles , so does our emotional world. The moon's phases are a reflection of the circle of life, but if you take time out of your day and tune into its divine frequency you may too embark on a spiritual journey of enlightenment using the extra power of both the new and full moon energies to release, cleanse, purify and enhance your own light.

You can use these wonderful energies to help manifest a wish list and to also let go and release from unwanted old worn out belief systems and negative unwanted energy.  Or just spend some time outside admiring it’s beauty and radiance.

On a new moon a good technique is to write down your dreams and desires with a loving intent.  Then release those wishes and desires in the light of the moon by setting fire to the paper and releasing it in faith and hope that your wishes will be granted in perfect divine timing serving the highest of all.

On a full moon you can also help manifest your true hearts desires by doing this simple ritual.  It is also a good time to release and let go of unwanted energies and anything holding you back. You can write this down and set fire to the list in the light of the full moon.  Go with what feels right for you there are no rules as long as it’s for the highest of all and in divine timing, that way you are invoking the highest light and intention for all.

The full moons light is a great time to cleanse and charge your crystal collection.  It is best outside either on the earth or on a table, if you can’t do that  then on a window sill is also good where the moon light is shining in, equally the bright sunshine is also a great way to cleanse and charge your crystals with new radiant energy.  Notice the difference in how they look and feel before and after.